• Bhashantara 2019, 24th October 2019, FICCI, Federation House, New Delhi

    The estimation of future growth in India’s internet user base points to a digital revolution in the making. Growth in Indic Internet user base will continue to grow because of the increasing penetration of internet enabled devices, availability of affordable high-speed internet, India’s rising digital literacy and Indian language enablement of the ecosystem. Availability of content in regional languages on web is transforming the ways marketing of products and services are done. And is giving e-government services greater access to the masses across the nation.

    With the aim to devise several ways in which collaborations can be done based on the industries current capabilities, challenges and possible solutions for developing the “Future of Internet” in India from their perspective and accordingly identify areas of focus, FICCI-Indian Language Internet Alliance will be organising the second edition of “Bhashantara” at Federation House, New Delhi.

  • Conference Objective

    • This conference aims to bring together all the multi-stakeholders of the multilingual internet community to discuss real and relevant Indic language technology issues.
    • Latest developments and challenges in creation of multilingual internet ecosystem, update on efforts being put in by various key players of the ecosystem.
    • Providing a single platform for Indian IT & ITES and Indic Internet Communities on how the various stakeholders i.e Technical Community, civil society, Industry, Academia and Government can proactively participate and support the “Multilingual Internet” in India and eventually across the globe
    • Providing a platform for all stakeholders in the ecosystem to facilitate technology and public policy information transfer.

    Key Dignitaries- Minister, MeitY and Secretary MeitY

    Audience: Online regional language media houses, IT & ITES companies, Fintech Companies, Local Languages IT companies, E-commerce companies, Telecom Companies, Digital Advertisers, Language Service Providers (LSPs), Tech Start-Ups, Domain Names Industry

    For further queries please email at dona.sihi@ficci.com/ficci.ilia@ficci.com or call us at 011 2375 3125.
२२ भाषाएं, १ राष्ट्र | ২২ টি ভাষা, ১ টি দেশ | உஉ மொழிகள், க தேசம் | ౨౨ భాషలు, ౧ జాతి | २२ भाषा, १ देश | ൨൨ ഭാഷകള്‍, ൧ രാഷ്ട്രം. | ૨૨ ભાષાઓ, ૧ રાષ્ટ્ર | ೨೨ ಭಾಷೆಗಳು, ೧ ರಾಷ್ಠ್ರ.